Massis London Lebanese Restaurant

Corporate Catering and Events

We here at Massis take pride in our food and the careful process that we go through to ensure that only the best ingredients are used.

Our flavours hark back to the old country with homemade tastes that are very rare to find.

Our passion for our food is obvious and when catering for an event this is even more evident.

Using the finest and freshest ingredients in our homemade hummus and dip recipes, individually handmade pastries such as our famous Kibbeh Kras or Cheese Rikakat or the fabulous meats on the grill, we are committed to making sure that the authenticity and wonderful flavours of the Lebanon are available here in London.

Our catering services are designed to help you take the stress away from whatever type of event you are organising.

We bring our fully qualified events team and equipment to ensure the smooth running of the date so all you have to think of is how best to enjoy your guests and your time!